Made in Maine

How They're Made

How They're Made

TriPom Chews Chicken Jerky is handmade from whole Premium American 100% USDA Grade 'A' fresh, not frozen, Chicken Breasts purchased from a high-end restaurant supplier.

Our Jerky is NOT chicken parts ground up and pressed into strips with cheap fillers like many other products that 'say' they are a chicken treat but, in reality, contain very little chicken.

Each piece is hand-cut from whole chicken breasts and dehydrated by us. We only sell Chicken Jerky that WE make. Some companies may claim to make their own Chicken Jerky but may be purchasing in bulk and simply packaging in their own bags.

Take a good look at our pictures. This is really what our Chicken Jerky looks like. In fact, our Jerky looks and smells so appetizing that when we’re at non-dog events like craft shows and have it sitting on platters so people can touch and smell it, it’s very often mistaken for human food samples and people try to eat it before we can stop them!

Thinner, Softer, Safer

Most Chicken Jerkies are cut by machines that make long, narrow, thick strips of chicken that are dehydrated. The finished dehydrated jerky tends to be rock-hard. Many Pet Parents have observed these types of jerkies tend to splinter and produce sharp edges. The concern is these pieces can become choking hazards and/or irritate intestines. This is why we hand cut our Chicken Jerky.

We wanted to make a product we felt comfortable giving our furbabies and yours. We hand cut our chicken breasts into wide, thin pieces (not possible with machines) that wind up being softer and chewier.

Also, because our pieces are thinner, if you ever want them even softer, you can simply moisten them with a bit of water and they will rehydrate quickly. We've found that rock-hard jerkies don't rehydrate well because of their thickness.

Preservative Free, Please Refrigerate

Because we use No Preservatives whatsoever, your TriPom Chews Chicken Jerky needs to be refrigerated to preserve it and maintain its freshness for your furbabies. We are the only treat we know of which is kept in either the refrigerators or freezers of retailers.

Note: The time your package spends in transit is completely fine. Keeping your TriPom Chews in your refrigerator simply extends the shelf life to 3-6 months and helps maintain that fresh chicken smell for your pooches.

Chicken Jerky Flavors

Plain - Chicken, and nothing but the chicken. No additional Marinades added. It's taken from the dehydrators, packaged, and rushed along to you by Priority Mail.

Combo - This package contains roughly half Plain Jerky and half Marinated Jerky. The Marinade is Blackstrap Molasses which has a variety of natural minerals that promote good health like iron for energy and calcium for bones. Dogs love the smell and taste of the Molasses, and go absolutely crazy over it.

Notice we do not charge anything extra for our Combo package, with the Marinated Jerky, even though it entails more work and additional cost for us. We do this because we wanted to give your babies a special treat from the TriPoms - Xena, Riche, and Roxy. The TriPoms taste test so much Plain Jerky that they wanted a bit of variety and demanded it shouldn't cost extra for their furry friends!

And again, our chicken jerky contains No Additives, No Preservatives, No Chemicals and No Fillers. In addition, we are Never Irradiated and contain No Glycerol

All of our products are Made ONLY with American Chicken and American Ingredients. Read through our website and you'll see this is as important to us as it is to you. The safety and well-being of all furbabies is what we're committed to -- we know you are too.

Our philosophy is Feed Safe, Treat Safe, BE SAFE.